InFo’s owes its unsurpassed achievements to a paradigmatic shift in the field of science. Moving beyond the simple imitation of the way the eye works, InFo uses new light theories in physics to find the solution.

InFo’s unique operational system involves the creation of an optical effect through light projection. Images are projected in the form of a luminous tube. No matter where the tube comes in contact with the retina, the result is a single, perfect image. This technology is the first to prevent the multiplication of focal points and all the undesirable side-effects that result from this. As a result, InFo is the only implant that can guarantee no visual side-effects such as halos or ghost images.

InFo’s optical design provides excellent visual function (20/20 or more) over a 3-diopter focal field. The InFo lens’ loss of light energy is the lowest of all IOL: between 1% and 5%. The front face of the lens has a complex phase distribution mask for the incoming beam.

The rear face works to correct corneal aberrations.


With InFo Instant Focus©, eyesight is fully recovered, no matter how distant objects are and whatever the light conditions:

• Optical power is perfectly corrected – images are focused on the retina at all times;

• Full resolution is maintained – images are always sharp, halo-free and without loss of contrast sensitivity.

The brain loves it! The clinical trial demonstrated that adaptation to InFo was almost instantaneous (confirmed by clinical monitoring over 4 years).

AFKOM is the exclusive distributor of InFo – Instant Focus in Turkey.





InFo lens fixes both issues through the generation of an extended focal length. Its optimization allows at the same time a good resolution quality and a chosen depth of focus.

InFo lenses Allow vision at intermediate, near distance and far vision, providing a full vision at all distances, free of ghosts and halos. The vision gets possible without glasses. 



SAV-IOL - InFo Instant Focus